Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The weather has been cold for the past few days. We have even had more snow! Thankfully, this is the time of year it doesn't last very long in the south. Due to the weather, we have not been able to have our soil delivered to continue work on our vegetable garden areas. I'll post pictures as soon as we accomplish this. Until then, I'll keep looking for signs of spring to share.

This little pine warbler is always willing to have its picture made. I don't have a lens for distant shots, so I have to get pretty close.

This little chick-a-dee finally let me get close enough to get a shot. It usually flies away before I can take its picture.

Of course, I had to get more pictures of the crocuses. These little flowers make me happy.

Don't they look so regal from this angle?

Hope these pictures have made you as happy as they make me! God Bless!


Glenda said...

Your pics do make me smile! I love to watch the warblers and chickadees flit about! And your crocuses are the prettiest color of purple!

Thanks for your comments on my post. I'm glad my words caused you to recall some great memories!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Loved seeing your birds. The pine warbler is sure a pretty thing.

sweet bay said...

I love Pine Warblers. Really beautiful shots of the Chickadee and the crocus.

*Ulrike* said...

I don't think we have any Pine Warblers here. You did a great job with the shots of the birds and crocus! This year the crocus have been slow on coming out along with the daffodils too. We had a light snow on Tuesday, but nothing like the last one. Still....for the south, unreal!!