Friday, March 5, 2010

Vegetable Garden Update

Today was very breezy and cold. I tried to get outside to do some things, but the cold wind made my ears hurt. I decided that I would complete my indoor chores instead and run some errands, hoping that this weekend would bring warmer weather.

I did get really excited because our black dirt was delivered today. It actually is not dirt at all, but cotton seed hulls. My cousin, Robbie, picked it up from a local cotton gin. We will mix it with existing soil and put it in the vegetable beds. I hope it will greatly improve the soil quality.

We decided to submerge our beds instead of raising them to try to hold in moisture. It helps to have a husband who is in construction and has access to large equipment. It makes the digging go much faster.

It also helps to have a cousin who owns his own hauling company to help with delivery.

Don't these cotton seed hulls look like black soil?

After the delivery, I decided to use an old wreath, some ribbon, and a cute little bird nest that I found at Pier One Imports to make a spring wreath for my front door.

I have had this wreath for several years and was on the verge of getting rid of it. I just hate throwing things away, so yesterday, when I was looking around in Pier One I found this cute little nest for less than five dollars. I added it to the old wreath with two dollars worth of ribbon from Walmart.

Now, the wreath doesn't seem old anymore, unless you look at the spider webs on the back of it!


Paula said...

Dear Carla,
I know your veggie garden will do well! The wreath you made is so pretty! I also loved seeing your flowers and the sweet birdies at your feeders! I love birds!!!

God bless you!
Love, Paula

*Ulrike* said...

The wreath looks great, and if anyone looks on the back of it they should be ashamed!!! I was thinking look at that beautiful black dirt! But cotton seed hulls? Very interesting! I don't know what could help this red clay here!!!

Glenda said...

Your garden is taking shape! Yay! And I love, love your wreath . . . may have to copy your idea! By the way, I don't like throwing things away either.

Southern Lady said...

Thanks ya'll for the sweet comments! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Dorothy said...

Oh my goodness you are so talented..the colors and the eggs go so well together...

Dorothy from grammoloyg

sweet bay said...

You have some very useful and helpful relatives!

Laura in Paris said...

The wreath looks great. And the soil is so dark that I am sure you will grow green and beautiful!

Katarina said...

Good luck with your submerged beds - sounds like a gret idea!