Saturday, March 27, 2010

Girl's Day Out

Although I am perfectly content to spend every moment of every day in the country, It is sometimes necessary for me to visit the big city. Country life does have a few drawbacks, such as a lack of places to buy clothing and specialty items. For those things we have to make a day trip to Charlotte or some of the surrounding towns. Fortunately, Charlotte is only about an hour away from where we live. This makes it fairly easy for us to go into the city for shopping for the day, or for a cultural event in the evening.

Today the girls and I enjoyed a day on the town. Catie's prom is coming up at the end of April and she needed a dress for the occasion, so we ventured out to shop. I love spending the day shopping with my girls. We have so much fun together. Most of the time, they laugh at the fact that their mom is so uncool.

You would know that the first thing they laughed at today was the fact that I couldn't even go into the mall without noticing this beautiful blooming tree. I had to grab the camera and start taking pictures right in the middle of the parking lot. Carson was so embarrassed. I just couldn't help myself! I love pretty flowers, especially ones that grace an otherwise dull landscape.

I don't think taking pictures of a tree in a parking lot is strange. Do you?

Of course my favorite pictures today were the ones of my beautiful Catie in her dress. After trying on numerous dresses, she finally got excited about one.

It suits her personality perfectly! She is certainly not afraid to be different from everyone else. I think she looks beautiful! I can't wait to see her all dolled up for the prom.

After buying Catie a dress for the prom and Carson a dress for an upcoming wedding, We had a nice lunch at the Olive Garden and visited some family who lives in the area.

Driving in the heavy city traffic makes me love the country roads that lead to home more than ever.


Glenda said...

This country girl loves to go "to town" now and then, too! We have to drive about an hour to shop in the malls, and I don't really enjoy interstate travel. And I know exactly how you feel when you see something that you just "need" to photograph!! I usually have a camera with me, too! Do you think we are addicted to the click?! Those blooms are gorgeous, by the way.

I love the colors of the dress your daughter chose! Beautiful! Buying dresses for a teenager was one thing I never experienced; shopping with two sons was quite an experience, however!

Have a blessed Palm Sunday!

Joan Elizabeth said...

There is nothing at all odd or embarassing about taking photos of beautiful flowers wherever they appear ... I am glad you had your camera with you. They are lovely, as is your daughter and her delightful dress.