Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bath Day!

When you live on a farm, you never know exactly what each day will hold. For example, this morning when I woke up John informed me that Shiloh needed a bath.

"Can't it wait until this weekend?" I asked.
"Nope," John replied.

You see, John noticed that Shiloh had developed some bare patches in his fur. He needed a bath in medicated soap soon to hopefully treat the problem. If several days of baths do not help we will have to call out the vet. Those of you with large animals know what an expense that can be.

Since John had never bathed Shiloh, we were not sure of how he would respond. John made sure to let him see the sponge each time before he used it. Horses do not like surprises; they want to know exactly what is happening to them.

Shiloh was actually pretty well behaved most of the time. He seemed almost curious at times. Whatcha doing down there?

John fed him pieces of apple during the bath. We were hoping that the apple would help him to associate baths with tasty treats.

What do you give a horse at the end of its bath? Grazing privileges in an area that is normally off limits.

After a little special grazing time, Shiloh goes back into the pasture and John showers and goes to the office! What a way to start the day!


Glenda said...

Beautiful horse, and I love the name Shiloh! He'll probably be waiting for another bath . . . and the apples and grazing that go with it!

Denise said...

How sweet :-)

tina said...

Now that is a bath! A big one! My stepmother used to bathe her horses in the rain. She'd get the scrubby mitt and soap and do it all in a pouring rain. Worked but odd.