Thursday, March 4, 2010

Do they look Okay to you?

Last summer our knockout roses started to look a little leggy. They had been in the ground for three years with only a light pruning. I started pruning a little heavier this year, being ever so careful.

John comes behind me and starts purning like crazy. Notice all of the branches on the patio. Now, I know that sometimes you have to show a little tough love, but did he go to far?

We garden by trial and error, can you tell? What do you think? Will they come out fuller this Spring, or is this a big error? Tell me. Not that I can do anything about that now.


Roses and Lilacs said...

Well, I won't be the best one to give advise on pruning southern grown roses. Every spring I prune my roses down to the soil line. Really, zero cane left standing. The canes above the ground are dead but the roots will put forth new growth and by June they will bloom. I think your roses will be fine and regrow fuller than before.

Trial and error is the very best way to garden. Anyway that's my philosophy. No two gardens are alike and no two gardeners want exactly the same thing.

Southern Lady said...

Thanks so much, Marnie! I feel much better now!

Glenda said...

I agree with Marnie. I cut mine back even shorter than yours earlier, and they are already putting on new growth. Hope you have some beautiful roses; we'll have to share pics!

walk2write said...

I trim my Knockouts (severely) twice a year, in midsummer and again in December. Otherwise, they would take over! I've been growing them here in Florida for six years, and they're the workhorses of the garden for me. Your garden should be looking mighty fine in a month or two. Are those the double knockouts, red, pink, or yellow?

sweet bay said...

Knockouts can typically survive anything short of bulldozing I think.

Anonymous said...

It's been years since I've pruned roses, but your 2nd photo looks like what my roses looked like after pruning, and they always grew out beautifully.
Looking forward to seeing them in bloom!

Joan Elizabeth said...

Hi thanks for visiting my blog and it's lovely to have you follow along. Wow your garden is huge and a lake too! It is wonderful to watch spring unfold in your garden (with the same sort of flowers as we have here) just as mine is beginning to shut down. I've never heard of this type of rose and after you read my blog for a while you'll realise I love roses but when it comes to growing them they are definitely not my forte.

*Ulrike* said...

I've seen some cut back even further! They love a good haircut!!!