Monday, June 14, 2010


Some of you may remember my very first post about my vegetable garden. Well since then I have harvested lettuce and broccoli. Last week, we harvested all of our cabbage. It was wonderful. The heat and worms made us decide to take out all of it, even the heads that were not quite as big as we would like.

I think for our first vegetable garden attempt we have really been successful.

The cabbage was the last of our spring veggies. Now we are waiting on tomatoes, squash, bell peppers, and green beans. I never got around to planting any eggplant. Is it too late?

Of course I can't only show you the good parts of my garden. I have to keep it real. Now for a question for the master gardeners out you compost garden waste, till it in, or just dispose of it?


Kwana said...

What beautiful cabbage! Thanks so much for my birthday wishes.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Goodness, don't throw it away. Either of the other choices is good. It decomposes fast if you till it in.

My lettuce has finally given up to the the heat. I'm going to miss that fresh lettuce.

tina said...

It's not too late to plant eggplant. In fact, they would like it now rather than earlier since they love heat. Your cabbage looked great. I was just photographing mine for Wednesdays veggie post. Those pesky worms are a royal pain.

Denise said...

Great looking cabbage :) we never planted any, but I might try it in the fall. Our green beans have just about had it, I've got a ton in the freezer now so I'm happy about that. Tomatoes are ripening one at a time. Hubby is getting a bit 'bored' with it all now :( hence no garden updates from me, I'm behind as usual.

Carla said...

I have three compost bins going all the time. This is your "gold." Compost all of this (except diseased tomatoes) also your kitchen veggies scraps.

You have some nice cabbages there, we can only grow these in the winter months here in southern california.

Glenda said...

Wow! Your cabbage did really well! My husband is the gardener in the family, but he's never been successful in growing cabbage - mostly because of worms. We do love to eat them, however! Wish I could make cole slaw like my mama did!

About the garden waste - John David disposes of it. I'm not sure his reason, but I assume it's to prevent spread of insects, worms and disease.

*Ulrike* said...

Sigh, I so wish my veggie garden was doing something, but it is struggling. Not sure why, but we may need to change to a different area. Yours looks great. I'd add the stuff back to the compost pile, the worms would love it!
I looked at your other posts, and just love the hydrangea!! Those are one of my favorites! I have some that I snipped to place in water to root. Hope that they will.
Enjoyed my time here!
Take Care!

Joan Elizabeth said...

You have been much more successful than our attempt last summer but I suspect you have more reliable weather than we have.

I think compost is the way to go.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

I love cabbage, both raw and cooked. You did a great job growing it. Mine is just developing heads.