Thursday, June 10, 2010


You heard sigh of relief. My last post explained how this was one of those weeks when things were so busy that I just wanted to get through it. Well, I am finally through it. After one of the busiest days I can ever remember, I am sitting on the sofa wondering how I ever got it all done.

With my piano recital scheduled for tonight, most of this week was spent readying the house and yard. Today there was so much to do that I didn't think I would get it all done. I spent the morning at Catie's awards ceremony, sang in a funeral this afternoon, and hosted a recital tonight. How's that for a busy day!

I couldn't have accomplished all of this without my wonderful family helping out. John worked super hard this week to finish putting out all of the mulch in the back yard. The girls pitched in on all of the house preparations, and my mom and dad came over to lend a hand. What would I do without all of them?

Mom and Dad stopped to pose for a quick picture after all of the work was done.

I rearranged the sunroom with all of the furniture facing the piano room for the recital.

With the sofa out of the way, it was easier to get a picture of the table along the back wall.

As you can see from this picture, it rained this evening so the reception had to be moved from the patio to the great room.

Thanks to mom's huge hydrangea, I had plenty of blooms to use throughout the house.

I only have several students this year, so the recital was very informal.

When I say informal, I really mean it. I just happened to look down at my own daughter's feet and noticed that she wasn't even wearing shoes!! I didn't mean for it to be that informal.

After all of John and Dad's work on the landscaping, we couldn't even use the patio for the refreshments.

Everything turned out perfect anyway. My students did a wonderful job and all of the guests really enjoyed themselves. I couldn't have asked for a better evening. Now, I think I will crawl into my soft bed and thank the Lord for blessing me with my wonderful family who helped me get through this busy week.


Joan Elizabeth said...

That HAS been a busy and rewarding time. I just love that sunroom and would love to hear the music. My piano is out of tune I dare not play it.

walk2write said...

Family is definitely what gets me through each day. Your post reminds me of the days when our daughter took piano lessons. She had the most wonderful teachers, especially her last one when we lived in Southern Illinois. She was the most patient person in the world and such an encourager and nurturer. Your home is lovely, by the way.

The White Farmhouse said...

Isn't it nice when everything is done and over? After all that you need to sit back, put your feet up and do nothing with a big ice cold pitcher of iced tea! The room looks wonderful!

Cameron said...

Your home looks so lovely for the recital. You have been busy and it's great that your family was there, too.

Get some rest and enjoy your lovely home and garden.

pve design said...

Wonderful home and more so - because you share it with your family - your friends and your students. I have several art students and love teaching them. I had a show which the students loved as well as the parents.

Amy said...

Your comments have been so encouraging to me, that I had to come visit your "home". I'm so glad I did! Your house is beautiful, and I see that we have music in commom. Actually, I'm more of a music appreciator surrounded by musicians. I'm so glad I came by to see you, and I'm enjoying our cyber friendship.


tina said...

And a well deserved relaxing time it should be after all that work. Great job! I so love that sunroom. It is so refreshing and comfy looking.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Good morning, Carla. It is wonderful you had the recital in your home. I'm sure everyone was more comfortable in a home setting. Too bad about the weather but you have a very nice area to entertain.

myletterstoemily said...

dear carla,

what a lovely house you have, and such good news
for you . . .you have a lovely mom. good genes, baby!

how fun that you are a piano teacher, because i am a
singer. do you ever accompany soloists? i am very
grateful for my wonderful ones.


Glenda said...

I can imagine that the music was wonderful in such a beautiful setting! Your sunroom is so pretty and cheerful and inviting.

Maybe you can relax this weekend with your family. What would we do without our loved ones?

Mary said...

Must have been a wonderful time for all your family, students and friends - know you slept well after so a busy day preparing everything. Your room looked lovely Carla.

Still posting on the safari - lots more pics and stories to share. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such kind comments.

Happy weekend.
Hugs - Mary

From the Kitchen said...

My boys would have loved the informality of your piano recital. I have photos of them at a recital at the College of Charleston. They had on sweet little velvet suits (short pants), knee socks and dress shoes. I thought they looked adorable. They'd just as soon forget about those outfits!! Little do they know--I saved them!! I should tell you, they were four and six at the time. The younger one switched to the cello and the older one to the ipod.


Laura in Paris said...

I hope you were able to enjoy the day! It's so tiring to get everything ready (and perfect, as I see) that sometimes we forget ourselves ..