Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Simple Summer Pleasures

I love the simplicity of school, no piano lessons, no sports...just lots of extra time to kick back and relax. We have finally had a week where things have settled down and become less hectic. Since I am very laid back by nature, this is my favorite time of year. Each day I find myself looking forward to the simple pleasures that summer affords. Things like...

...sitting on the porch each evening waiting for John's truck to appear in the driveway. (It has been way too hot to sit there in the middle of the day.)

Since John has been in Maryland for a couple of days, yesterday's appearance was even sweeter! I really miss him when he is not here.

...enjoying a simple summer supper with fresh garden veggies.

You may remember my tomatoes from yesterday's post. They were really yummy tossed with garlic, basil, mozzarella, and olive oil. The squash came from my parents' garden. Even after the long trip from Maryland, John still wanted to grill the ribs and squash. (That is how he relaxes after a long day.)

These are just two of the simple pleasures that I enjoy in the summer. There are many more I'll share throughout the summer months. What are some of yours?


Andrea said...

Hope you have an awesome summer!

Joan Elizabeth said...

It's hard to think of summer in the middle of winter ... but what I like about the warmer weather is the energy it imparts so I get on with doing all my annual cleaning jobs.

tina said...

That meal looks good. So glad your husband made it home safely.

Cindy said...

I feel like we are kindred spirits! I love ALL bodies of water and Oak Island is my favorite beach destination, as my sister-in-law has a beach house there!
I must tell you again - so glad to have found your site!!
PS - the dinner looks DELISH!

Ginny said...

I look back longingly at those days when I was a stay-at-home mom and my children were small. Now those children have flown the nest, started their own families, and I go to work to sit behind a desk each day all year long! So I don't get to enjoy the slower pace of summer. But I DO still enjoy the simple pleasures of fresh vegetables and a summer evening on the deck (when it isn't 100 degrees, as it was today).

Denise said...

We still do piano lessons during the summer otherwise I'm sure Kristen would forget all she learned! Glad hubby is home, mine just left for Denver but only for two days:)

Cameron said...

Looks wonderful!

Drinking morning coffee with my husband is a ritual. We probably spend two hours just sipping coffee, chatting, reading the news and talking about what's happening in our lives and the world.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Simple pleasures are the best. What a wonderful feeling to be home with the ones you love and enjoying a good, home cooked meal.

myletterstoemily said...

i love everything about summer except the
extreme heat.

but after a bit, i adjust to that, too. your
vegetables look so yummy!

thanks for voting for sunday. i'm getting
a little worn out with all this voting. :)

Anonymous said...

Oooooo, your supper w/ fresh veggies looks scrumptous!!!
Simple pleasures? Sitting in the sunshine, breathing the pine-scented air and watching the butterflies. :)

Glenda said...

What would life be without simple pleasures? I love the look of a pile of freshly-gathered vegetables and then sharing them with neighbors.

This summer I'm loving having our grandchildren with us for a few days, which means lots of activity and laughter and fun times!

Missing Goat said...

picking anything from the garden - flowers or fruit or veggies. Going to the beach, making canned tomoatoes and peaches..I could go on and on..