Monday, June 21, 2010

Morning Harvest & New Babies

Oh, those lazy, hazy days of summer! I wish. Today is officially the first day of summer, although we southerners feel as though it has been here a while. I would like to say our days have been lazy, but actually they have been pretty busy. It seems as though we have had a lot of appointments since school has been out. Hopefully it will slow down a little in the coming days. I am managing to enjoy some time outside each morning checking the garden to see what is ready to be picked. This morning greeted me with some cherry tomatoes hanging on the vine.

Don't they look yummy? There are lots more ripening and waiting for their turn. We are still waiting on our squash, cucumbers, and regular tomatoes.

We have tons of basil this year so I guess I'll be making pesto all summer!

Although I do not have any chickens, my mom and dad do, so fresh eggs are abundant. They have even added to their little chicken family with some baby Dominic and Black Star chicks.

Aren't they just the cutest things? I love baby chicks! I also love fresh eggs. The color of the yolk is very different from a store bought egg. Don't you think?Carson was making pecan pies for Father's Day and cracked her first double yolk egg the other day. She was amazed. You know me, if I had been there, I would have taken a picture for my blog! Maybe next time!

In the meantime, I hope everyone finds a little time to celebrate these lazy, hazy days of summer!


tina said...

Very cute indeed. The cherry tomatoes look so good. I picked my first full sized tomato Saturday. Boy was it nice-and early! Can't wait for more now.

Lola said...

Just picked another yellow tomato. They have been coming in for about 2 weeks now. The yellows seem to be doing better than the reds. I decided not to do the cherry's this yr as they have in the past just made real tall vines.

*Ulrike* said...

My tomatoes are finally growing, yeah! Today in this heat, I laid plastic down in the garden to kill of grass and weeds. I'm hoping the heat will kill it. I am so tired of doing battle with it! Love the baby chicks! We did not raise any so far although I saw tonight where one of my Buffs was wanting to set. Who knows?! and yes, the egg color and taste is so much better!!
Take Care!

Cameron said...

Yummy tomatoes! BLT time?

The baby chicks are so cute! I fell in love with Silkie Bantams at the NC State Fair a few years ago. However, it's against the covenants in our neighbor to have poultry. Probably a good thing as I have enough to care for with my elderly greyhound and bird!


Andrea said...

Adorable little chicks...and yummy harvest!


Joan Elizabeth said...

Yum. I find eggs in America have very pale yolks in comparison to the golden yolks in our eggs here (whether store bought or home grown). I understand it has something to do with what they chickens are fed.

Denise said...

I had tomatoes like that last fall, lovely little cherry ones. The ones I have this year are quite big but they seem to take forever to ripen? I've also got a yellow cherry tomato plant but it hasn't produced anything yet!

Glenda said...

Your post brought back lots of good childhood memories. We always had baby chicks or a hen sitting on a nest full of eggs. And we always had homegrown eggs with their rich yolks and brown shells. I can picture going into the hen house and checking for eggs and sometimes finding nests in unlikely places! I also remember a few very ornery roosters that I was afraid of! Great memories!

Your tomatoes did really well, didn't they?

From the Kitchen said...

I have a lot of basil to harvest but no cute little chickens. Aren't fresh eggs a treat? They are available at our Saturday farmers' market.


Roses and Lilacs said...

I have tomatoes on my vines but they're still green. Every day I go out and look them over hoping for some sign of color.

What cute chickens. There are so many varieties, some of them quite beautiful.

Cindy said...

I just discovered your blog today and as a fellow North Carolinian and blogger, I have got to say: "I love your blog!" I am a follower!!