Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Break

Yippee! Spring break is here! Even when you home school it is nice when spring break arrives. Just to have the extra time to garden, do a little cleaning, or just plain relax is a special treat. Knowing that the girls can sleep in and I can get a little extra work completed around the house is nice.

Our break started out with a busy schedule, however, the rest of the week should not be quite so hectic.

Catie's school performed "Alice in Wonderland" on Thursday night at a dinner theater. Didn't Catie make a cute Alice? She even spoke with the proper accent!

Although we worked in the yard on Friday and Saturday, I did manage to take a few pictures. The redbud tree and the spirea bush were begging to be photographed.

It seems that we have skipped spring and headed straight into summer. The temperatures have reached the nineties already. I think it may prove to be too hot for my romaine lettuce in the vegetable beds. What do you think?

I was excited to find one of my asparagus plants popping up through the soil.

Easter weekend was lovely. I can't remember ever having such a warm Easter Sunday before. We had a beautiful service early in the morning at church, spent the afternoon with family, and even managed to catch a couple of fish from the pond.

Every tree is leafing out and every plant is emerging from the ground. I hope it doesn't get cold again, or we will loose many of the tender leaves that have grown. I did find a couple of drawbacks to the warm weather we have had: SNAKES! There were two black snakes in my yard today. I managed to run one back into the woods and the other disappeared (under the house perhaps). I hope this is not a sign of what is to come.

How did you spend your Easter weekend?


Denise said...

Oh no, what will happen to your lettuce? Can you pick it early if it gets too hot or does it just wilt and die?
I want to grow asparagus... is it easy?
We have broccoli growing too, it's hard to imagine it will ever get big they are so small right now!

Southern Lady said...

Denise, I'm not sure about the lettuce. This is our first attempt at growing it. I'll have to let you know about the asparagus; we are new at that too. So far only two out of eight have surfaced. I plan to post my successes and failures on my blog. I'm still learning! Carla

sweet bay said...

Easter weekend was gorgeous wasn't it? We spent the weekend working on the farm and in the garden.

JanMary said...

We had slight better weather here in Ireland than was forcast, but certainly not that warm!

Katarina said...

How delightful it must be to grow your own Asparagus. It takes a couple of years before you can harvest, doesn't it?

Roses and Lilacs said...

Catie looks wonderful, love her dress and apron.

I will be starting some lettuce and chard this week.

I hate snakes. Another reason to love cats. Cats enjoy catching snakes.

Terra said...

Your photos of buds and Catie as Alice are lovely. Easter weekend was very blessed here.

*Ulrike* said...

Just getting on stage to perform takes a lot of spirit! I'm sure she did a great job! Things have been so busy here, last week for sure, and this week trying to plant 101 things. I have not even planted lettuce yet. Usually it is cool this time of year, and we have had temps in the 90s too. Crazy.. The one thing you can do with lettuce is make a little tent for it so it will be shaded. I think after tomorrow we will cool down some. I wish I had asparagus, maybe next year. I read through your other posts too to get caught up. We had a hollow tree next to my daughter's place that we cut down. You never know. Course we have a lot of trees here, but I'd like a few less pines so I could plant more fruit trees. Well, gotta run. Will be back soon!
Take Care!