Monday, April 19, 2010

Back to my Ordinary Life

I really appreciate you all taking a walk down memory lane with me for the past week, however, it is good to get back to blogging about my ordinary life. Seeing far away places and making memories is always fun and exciting, but I have found that it is in the ordinary events of my life that I find the most joy and peace.

I have actually found that my reminiscing has served to remind me of how blessed my every day life truly is. It is important to remember that when one travels to a distant place that seems extraordinary, to the people who live there it is just home. And speaking of home, I may have been blogging about last years trip; but I have been at home the whole time working in the flower beds and vegetable beds enjoying the beautiful weather. We have had a lot happening in our little corner of the world, so I thought I would catch you up on a bit of it.

My snowball bushes are really showing out this year. They are only a couple of years old and not very big yet, but they have had a lot of blooms. I may try to bring some inside tomorrow.

Our broccoli and lettuce is getting very big. I don't know how much longer the broccoli will take to be harvested, but I am just about ready to make me a romaine salad.

We lost a cabbage, so John decided to put a couple of tomato plants in its place.

Our Encore Azaleas are finally blooming! I always enjoy the color they bring to the yard. I do have five that the goats got a hold of last year that do not have any blooms. That's a story for a future post!

Hostas are coming up all over the place. Our front yard is shaded and I can't seem to get enough of these plants. The beautiful greens and blues of these never disappoint.

Ordinary life can be extraordinary! It depends on how you view things.


Roses and Lilacs said...

I live the snowball viburnums. Mine will be blooming in another couple weeks.

People like you and I are very lucky. We are content with our homes and lives just as they are. Some people are jetting all over the world and still don't seem to be especially happy. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to spend some time in Europe, but if I never do, that's ok. You're right, it depends on how you view things.

Joan Elizabeth said...

It's great to see you garden looking so well. I love snowball bush, mine have grown quite large so have balls all over them in Spring. I agree, home is the BEST and travel really makes me appreciate it.

Glenda said...

Wow! Things are really happening around your place! I love the snowball bush and would love to have one. Your garden looks wonderful and has grown so fast; ours has not grown that much! Your "ordinary life" looks and sounds so blessed . . . and a life blessed by God is always extraordinary!

myletterstoemily said...

what a lovely garden you have! and you're right, snowballs
and azaleas take an ordinary life to the extraordinary!


Diana said...

Your vegetables look happy and healthy! And that snowball bush just put a smile on my face: my maternal grandmother had those growing in her yard... so beautiful and a wonderful reminder.

Denise said...

Your garden is looking awesome, I wish we'd planted more this year, we were trying to take in to consideration how big the plants would get so didn't plant as many, but some are being eaten by grubs and bugs so we should have planted more... do you do organic or use pesticides to kill off any bugs? I am wanting to try some pesticides cos I'm sick of seeing my hard work go to nothing, my beets are just being eaten til there's practically none left :(