Sunday, April 25, 2010

Broccoli Troubles

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know that I have started a vegetable garden for the first time this year. We have enjoyed harvesting and eating the wonderful romaine lettuce that we planted and have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of some delicious broccoli. There is just one problem.

Today I went out to check the garden, as I do every day, and this is what I noticed.
The leaves are big and beautiful. They are the prettiest color of green imaginable.

But, there are no broccoli spears developing.

It rained a little last night, and some of the broccoli plants had fallen over on the ground.

So, my questions for all of those experienced gardeners out there are...............
What is happening with my broccoli? Will it ever produce? Any suggestions are welcome.


The White Farmhouse said...

I did broccoli a few years ago and mine looked like yours. Give it a bit and the heads will start to appear in the middle of the leaves. That is what mine did. Then watch out for the funky grasshopper love. The grasshoppers seemed to get in the "mood" when I got florets. Oh how I hate grasshoppers!

I got a funny story for you. I did the Mrs Michigan pageant. The local paper came by to do a story about me. I showed them the garden and wouldn't you know a grasshopper flew down my dress! Before you could say "Maggie dont" I was out of that dress and in my skivvies in front of the whole neighborhood. Thank god there was a photographer there to film the whole event!

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Are they too close together? Check to see how far apart they are supposed to be. I'm thinking you can eat the thinnings.

Silver said...

Oh my, they are gorgeous!! I love brocolli!


tina said...

Ha, funny funny story on the first lady and showing her garden.

Like Sue I think your broccoli plants are a bit too close. I usually plant mine about 18" to 24" apart. But, I don't think that is the problem. Give it a few more weeks. When I see heads forming on my broccoli they are usually bigger and will have some side branches; which will also grow florets. It is a bit too soon I think. If they don't form it is possible you have too much nitrogen in your soil. Nitrogen will grow leafy growth without allowing the 'fruit' to set. Good luck and be patient.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I've only grown broccoli once and thought the same thing but after a while the florets arrived ... they were not as heavily bunched as the ones in the shop but they did happen.

Maryrose said...

Hi Carla,
I feel like I have been away from blogland for years, but it is nice to be back just in time to see your gorgeous garden. I wanted to do my first garden this year but havn't gotton my act together. I will be checking on your progress though, since I havn't a clue how to grow brocolli. Good luck, thanks for visiting my tablescape and enjoy your day.

Roses and Lilacs said...

I think the heads will grow up from the foliage. Don't remember how long it takes. You could probably transplant a few if they are too close together then just give them time.

Donna said...

Oh, Carla, aren't shelter kitties and doggies the best??

Wow- you have already gotten lettuce from your garden? We are talking about doing the same thing this year - trying to grow some of our own vegetables and I haven't a CLUE where to start becasue we have never attempted it before! It looks like you are off to a GREAT start!

And I loved your snowball bush flower arrangement - and the bowl, too!! Just beautiful!

Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

Denise said...

Oooh I'll be interested to hear if anyone knows, my leaves are growing albeit a little eaten by bugs too but nothing in the middle yet, our garden isn't doing well at all, I'll be updating my blog about it soon.

Anonymous said...

I think you must wait for a while. The heads are the flowers of the plant. They will appear later (normally).
Thank you for your regular comments on my blogs. They are highly appreciated.