Saturday, April 10, 2010

Making Memories

This week I want to take a stroll down memory lane. On this day last year I took a wonderful trip with my oldest daughter, Catie. She is one of those rare kids who never asks for anything. Even on her birthdays I have a hard time deciding what to get her because she doesn't drop any hints like most people do. So, on the day that she came home from school asking if she could go on a school trip to Greece and Italy, what is a parent to do? We evaluated the expense and decided that we would pinch pennies, borrow the money, or do whatever it took to send her. Her dad was also uncomfortable with sending her without one of us, so he decided that I had to go.

Now. I do not like to fly. In fact, I am a white knuckle flier, you know- one of those people who holds onto the Bible during take off until their knuckles turn white. But I decided a long time ago that I would not let that keep me from living a full, well-traveled life. I certainly was not going to let my fear of flying stand in the way of making memories with my precious Catie who would be grown and gone before I knew it.

Despite the eleven hours spent on the two flights, we made it to our first destination, Athens, Greece. What a beautiful place! I was amazed at how large the city of Athens was. As soon as we arrived, we hit the ground running! Our tour guide took us on a hike up a thousand (not really sure how many) steps to the top of the highest hill, Lycabettus. From there we could really understand the enormity of this city.

This is just one picture in one direction from the top of the hill. Every direction looked exactly like this. I think the tour guide said that one half of Greece's total population lives in Athens. I believe it!

I thought I would absolutely die before I reached the top of the hill, but the view was worth the sweating and panting that it took to get there.

There was a little chapel, St. George, at the top. I couldn't resist taking a picture of the beautiful window in the chapel.

I quickly fell in love with the beauty and the people of Greece. I will be spending the next week sharing some of the memories that I made on my trip with Catie last year. Hope you will enjoy!


Glenda said...

Isn't it fun to remember special times by looking at photos? I love the chapel window and will look forward to seeing more interesting sites. I'm sure I'll never be able to travel that far!

Have a blessed Sunday!

monika said...

Travel is one thing you should always find time to do, especially with your kids..mine are young (9 an5) but I try to travel whith them as often as i can..if I do not have enough money I go somewhere close or where I have friends I can stay over..I think is one of the best lessons you can leave to your children.

The picture from inside the chapel is really beautiful!

sweet bay said...

I had heard that Athens is huge and that the Acropolis is very close to the city. Greece is such a great travel destination.