Sunday, April 18, 2010

Beautiful Florence

Our last full day in Italy was spent touring beautiful Florence. This city in the Tuscany region of Italy was home to many of the country's notable historical figures. One day is not nearly enough to soak in all of the beauty that is displayed throughout this area.

Since this was our last day of our trip, we were all pretty exhausted by this time. I did not feel as though I could fully appreciate everything that Florence had to offer.

We did enjoy touring the Accademia to see Michelangelo's David. I stood in awe of this marble statue depicting David right before his battle with Goliath. The detail of this masterpiece was unbelievable. I though it odd that his hands were so big. Some people believe that he was meant to be placed on a church's facade or large pedestal which would have made all of his features appear normal to the viewer. We were not allowed to photograph the actual statue inside, however, there was a replica outside which I did manage to photograph. (I did not include it in my blog to keep it kid friendly.)

One of the highlights of the day was visiting the Basilica of Santa Croce. It is a magnificent church in Florence. It is the burial place for many of Italy's famous people including Michelangelo, Galileo, and Rossini. The weather was cloudy on this day and it was hard to get a clear picture.

Aren't the streets of Florence gorgeous? See the dome of the Basilica in the distance?

I just loved the stained glass windows in the church.

These pictures do not do the church justice. The overcast sky really hindered the photo opportunities.

The drive through the Italian countryside back to Rome took my breath away.

Although I loved my time in Italy, I was beginning to miss home a little. I will never forget the time spent with Catie seeing places I had only dreamed of until now. However, it was time to travel back to John and Carson and the place that will always be my favorite- Home! Hope you didn't mind the trip down memory lane, but it is time to move on. I have some more of my ordinary life to share!


tina said...

I enjoyed your tour very much. It is indeed a once in a lifetime thing and something you'll always remember.I've been to Florence. We only really did the bazaar though and a bit of sightseeing. Italy is is such a beautiful country but it is not home that's for sure.

myletterstoemily said...

i'm so happy you were able to enjoy this lovely trip
with your daughter. such sweet memories.

thank you for sharing them with us.

you must be exhausted!!!

Glenda said...

I really do know a lot more about Greece and Italy after reading your posts! The pics of the churches and the stained glass window are gorgeous. I know that will always cherish all these wonderful memories.

And I love learning about your "ordinary" life, too! Have a great week!

Katarina said...

Of all the cities Ive been to, I like Florence the most!

Joan Elizabeth said...

I agree one day is not nearly enough to soak in all of the beauty of Florence. Looking forward to seeing what your ordinary life is turning up now spring is well under way.

Roses and Lilacs said...

I loved seeing those wonderful old buildings and the narrow streets. Photos are probably as close as I will get to Florence.

Anonymous said...

So very beautiful! Your time spent traveling with Catie will always be precious.

I went to London with my daughter when she was 23. She tells me we must go to Italy together... perhaps someday. :)

Happy week to you and yours!

Randy and Jamie said...

Hey there Carla! I didn't see an email address. If you really like the Sugar Blues I can divide them after the blooms are gone and I would happily share. :-)Just contact me thru the email address on the blog.-- Randy

sweet bay said...

I don't know which is more beautiful, the architecture or the countryside!

Josie said...

oh noooo! vedo solo ora che sei stata a visitare la bellissima toscana, Firenze in paticolare! Pensa che io abito a 40 minuti di macchina da firenze, non sarebbe stata una bella occasione per salutarsi? Mi raccomando, alla prossima visita fammi un fischio sul furighedda gardening! ;)