Monday, February 22, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays

After an absolutely beautiful weekend, today brings more rain. There is just something about a rainy Monday morning that makes it hard to get the week started. Carson and I began our schooling this morning reluctantly. She doesn't feel well today and has been dragging. I think the winter months are getting to the both of us. Dreary days seem to have a way making me over analyze everything. Although I love homeschooling, I think we need a change of some sort, maybe a new project or hobby to create some excitement around here. It could be that we just need some more warm weather and sunshine. Oh, well, enough thinking for now.

On a lighter note, I had lots of birds at the feeders this morning. A rainy day seems to bring more birds than any other day. The flapping and fighting that occurred was almost too funny. Along with the birds, I had several squirrels feasting at the feeders. John, being the hunter that he is, has offered to "take care" of them. I always thank him for the offer, but gently remind him that the squirrels have to eat too! I did, however, let out my two dogs, Freckles and Mo, thinking that they would run off the little critters. A little later, I noticed the squirrels were still eating up a storm. I went out to see where the dogs were. Mo was no where to be seen and Freckles was lounging on the front porch. It's time these dogs learn how to earn their keep!

Freckles: "Here I am. Now what was it you wanted me to do?"


sweet bay said...

Freckles looks like he's saying "Please don't make me go out into the rain." lol

Southern Lady said...

Too funny, you are right!