Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Our Little Visitor

This morning when I went out to fill up the bird feeders, I saw our little visitor again. Carson named him Ottie. I say it is a he, but I really don't know his gender. But for the sake of telling the story I will call it a he. He is an otter that showed up in our pond a couple of months ago. Actually, there were two of them at first, but now I only see one. He comes and goes at will. When he is here, he plays and fishes in the pond for several days. Before you know it, he is gone again.

I grabbed my camera (I sure wish I had a better one) and headed down to the pier to sit and try to get some pictures. That little fellow is so elusive, although he is not shy at all. He would swim right up to me and as soon as I started to take the picture, he would dive under the water. I ended up with mostly shots of rippled water. He finally caught a fish and settled on the bank to eat his breakfast. John is worried about the amount of fish he is catching. I figure as long as he only occasionally visits we should be okay. I guess he has to eat, too.

I enjoyed my time on the pier, even if it was 38 degrees. I didn't even realize how cold I was until I started inside. I got a cup of coffee and headed to the sun room to warm up. When I sat down and looked out, I noticed it had started a slow drizzle again. I guess we are in for another rainy, winter day. At least I had my time outside before the rain came, thanks to Ottie and the birds.

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sweet bay said...

Wow, an otter, that is exciting. He or she must be very entertaining to watch. They're such graceful swimmers. We have Beaver (not nearly as graceful) and Mink here. I've actually seen each one once. The mink was as cute as all get out. lol The beaver was bigger than I expected before I realized how much lumber they could haul around.