Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Spring Projects

What a beautiful Saturday! I didn't get out much on Thursday or Friday because the weather was cold and windy. I felt like Winnie The Pooh in "The Blustery Day!" It is amazing, however, how our weather can go from temperatures in the thirties one day to the upper fifties the next. I have been out a good bit today taking some pictures of beautiful things and wonderful people who are so dear to me.

I couldn't resist taking some more pictures of the crocuses that have finally opened up.

I also had to take some pictures of our visitors, some Canadian Geese that landed on our pond for a few minutes. I guess they just needed some rest before their long flight. Look closely on the top of the pier to see! I didn't get too close, as not to scare them away.

I also took some pictures of John and my cousin, James, measuring for our new vegetable beds. We have very poor soil, so we decided to dig into the ground and add better soil for planting.

My dad is supervising the digging!

John will dig out two beds and hopefully we will be ready to plant when the weather allows. I am so excited! Last year we tried to plant a garden in an area with better soil, but it was too far from the house and the deer had a feast. I hope putting it closer to the house will discourage the deer. Maybe, my trusty dogs will run them away.

As you can see, we have a lot going on around here. I'll keep you posted on the progress. I just love the coming of Spring!


Glenda said...

The deep purple crocuses are so pretty! You must live in a beautiful place with the pond and all kinds of animals near you. And with spring on its way, I can imagine the beauty around you.

Planning for a garden and flowers is fun, isn't it? Last year, we - well, my husband - had a huge, very productive garden with enough produce for us and all our neighbors. This year it'll be downsized, but we'll have tomatoes and squash at least.

I'll be watching your garden take shape and grow as you post pics.

Blessings to you!

*Ulrike* said...

Now that is what I call preparing beds!!! Don't you just love the first flowers of spring? I saw a daffodil today that had finely opened up. Spring is finally coming!

Charm and Grace said...

Hello, I am popping in from your comment on Zuzu's post. I am a fellow Southerner, so my interest was piqued by your blog name. I love NC and for many years visited once a year. (I am in Alabama). It's been a few years since I have been to NC, and I miss those gorgeous mountains and wonderful temperatures. You have a beautiful blog.


sweet bay said...

When you said dig I didn't at first think of big machinery. lol I bet that went faster than the old-fashioned way.

The purple crocus are beautiful. I'm still waiting for the first daffs to open, but I don't have any early varieties yet so it'll probably be a couple of weeks.