Friday, May 14, 2010

Questions Answered

As you all know, I am fairly new to blogging. I don't quite know all of the etiquette that is appropriate for each situation. For example, I'm not really sure of the best way to answer questions that are asked in my comments. Most of the time I try to visit the individual that had the question and leave a comment on their own blog. I figure that way they are sure to see it. In the past couple of days I have had several people ask the same questions so I though a post of answers might be appropriate. So here it goes.....

Several of you wanted to know about my pond. It is a two acre pond in front of my house. It was on the property when we bought it. It was actually surrounded by trees that we removed in order to have a good view of it. I love looking out of my windows and seeing water. (As some of you know, I love water!) The water lilies were already here too! What a bonus!

I have tried to insert a link to some of my earlier posts in January when I started blogging. I have some pictures of the pond from the porch, my sunroom window, and views of the house from the pond. I couldn't figure out how to do that. I tried everything I could think of, so those of you who are good at this...please tell me how.

Another popular question I have been asked recently is about my new camera. Let me start by saying, I have the best husband! When we first got married, money was very tight. We were both teachers and couldn't afford much more than food to eat. We decided at Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. not to buy expensive gifts. We would only buy each other something inexpensive or buy something for our house. Sometimes we would just do something special together. And now that our financial situation is a little better, we still practice our gift giving habit.

With that said, imagine my surprise when John came home with a new Nikon D5000 for my Mother's Day present. I certainly was not expecting it. I love how he noticed my new found interest in photography and researched cameras and got me one. He is so sweet! I am in trouble when Father's Day arrives. Any suggestions?

One of the things I love about my new camera is how it completely stops the motion in the photo. Carson was in full running mode when this was shot.

Notice how the ball is suspended in mid air in the second shot.

Although it can be used manually, these pictures were taken in auto mode. I do not know how to make all of my own adjustments yet.

I love the fact that I can change the lens on this camera for more zooming power. We were a pretty good distance from the deer crossing the road.

The pictures also have a lot of pixels which makes a clearer picture when cropped or printed.

I also love how pictures can be taken in quick succession. My old camera would take several seconds in between pictures, causing me to miss great shots like the deer crossing the road.

Probably the thing I love the most about my new camera is the fact that it is very user friendly. If I can use it, anyone can!

But do you know what I love more than my new camera? The thing I wouldn't trade for anything in the world?

My sweet husband, John, who noticed something that I enjoy and gave me a gift to encourage me to continue growing and learning.

"Therefore encourage one another and build each other up." 1 Thessalonians 5:22


Missing Goat said...

you are a lucky lady - your husband is so sweet!

The White Farmhouse said...

That was very thoughtful of him! Thanks for answering my question about the camera! It really helps. I have been told by quite a few people that Nikon is more user friendly than Canon. I was looking at a Canon Rebel, but have now leaned towards the Nikon.

I don't answer questions in my comment section. I usually either address them in the next post I write or go to that person's blog and answer them. I usually do try to visit everyone who comments so answering them that way is easier.

myletterstoemily said...

thank the Lord for you dear husband!

i'm so glad you are blogging, because
you have just the sweetest nature and
your photos are so lovely.

i also love that we are both 'joan' fans.

someday i would like to understand
photography better. i have practiced
a bit, but don't know how to load onto
the computer.

baby steps.

have a lovely weekend.

sweet bay said...

Kudos to John for buying you such a wonderful Mother's Day present!

Joan Elizabeth said...

What I love about blogging is how you get to know people and share the joy they share in their environment ... I love your pond and the deer crossing the road.

My husband Ian is a saint when it comes to my photography. When we are out driving he is willing to stop as the slightest notice so I can catch some interesting shot. I wonder why he is to patient but I actually think he might be my greatest fan. I'm sure John is delighting in what you turn up through the lens too.

Katarina said...

That's so sweet - your caring and loving husband and you appreciating him for what he is. Love!!!

My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

You are already a natural for taking such wonderful photos. My hubby just purchased the same exact camera for me that you have. I haven't read the manual yet and it is still set to auto for now. Happy weekend!