Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beauty Abounds

The thing I enjoy the most about my picture taking obsession is that it makes me constantly aware of the beauty that is all around. I am always looking for something that is picture worthy. I only hope that I have passed on to my girls the importance of searching for and appreciating the beauty that God has placed all around. I pray that they, too, will learn to enjoy the simple things that life has to offer- the little glimpses of heaven here on earth. Things like...

...the pure white petals of a lily floating on the water.

...the brilliance of a pink oleander swaying in the warm breeze.

...perfect drops of rain that quench a thirsty flower.

...the intoxicating scent of a gardenia drifting through the air.

...dancing daylilies who share their joy with all who pass their way.

All of these are evidence of a creator who loves beauty-the beauty that abounds in his creation!


Roses and Lilacs said...

I never forget that He gave us everything beautiful.

Maryrose said...

I couldn't agree more.

One of those perfect of God's creations is a snowtopped mountain in early morning when the only sound you hear is the melting snow falling from the trees. Heaven on earth!!!

Enjoy your day.

myletterstoemily said...

you are so right! i have a post in the 'wings' about
how i don't think i noticed anything until i started

now, if i learned how to use a camera, i might even
become a bonafide observer! :)

sweet bay said...

You have gardenia blooms already, yum. You're making me hope that ours bloom soon too.

There is so much beauty all around this time of year.

Glenda said...

This post really speaks to my heart, and I so agree with you! Life is much richer when we learn to see and appreciate the simple beauty all around us.

Your photography is just wonderful!

Joan Elizabeth said...

All lovely but I love that line of raindrops best. And yes how God has lavished our lives with his wonderful creation.

Katarina said...

To be able to enjoy the small things in life, is so valuable!

Paula said...

Dear Carla,
Your photos are beautiful and so are your sweet thoughts! I could not agree more, God has blessed us with so much beauty in His amazing creation! I am so glad you are enjoying your new camera! Have a blessed day! Love, Paula

Randy and Jamie said...

There is no greater artist. Don't you think?--Randy

Diana (Di) said...

Carla, your children will know and remember what you've taught them, even if they don't show it right away.

I always say (when I look at the detail of each individual flower and its distinctive and intricate qualities), "how can there not be a God?"

Ginny said...

I also love taking pictures for the same reason. When I look at a close-up of a flower or plant I am amazed anew at God's creation.