Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Container Gardens, Patio, and Carport (Part 2)

Okay, here is part two to this post. Those of you who are good at this blogging stuff need to tell me how to download more than five pictures at a time. This is getting frustrating. Anyway, this is the carport that went with the patio in the first post.

John and I want to build a carport similar to this one when we can afford it. I grew up in a small ranch style home with an open air carport attached to it. I have many great memories of birthday parties and tricycle riding under that carport. My own children loved riding their scooters there. I would love to recreate that at my own home.

Notice the ceiling fans. Isn't that a nice touch? Do you see the side porch. They called it the man porch.

Here is a closer view of the man porch. Do you know why it is called that?

An even closer view still doesn't reveal the reason.

Just step around the corner and you will see....the grill! Now isn't that porch every man's dream? I know John would love it.

I hope you got some great ideas from this double post. I sure did. Now, all I need is some money to make it happen. Tomorrow I will share my very favorite garden of the tour. Hope to see you then.


sweet bay said...

Ha! I knew there was a grill. :)

Very charming porches and lounging areas. I love other people's containers but think I would love patience with my own.

Glenda said...

So inviting . . . the rocking chairs really caught my attention!

*Ulrike* said...

I do most of the grilling around here! For my hubby's man porch he built a little fireplace for the guys to hang out and discuss man things in the winter!!