Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Should I Change My Name?

I'm beginning to think that I should change the name of my blog. What do you think? When I started this blog a little less than a year ago, I wanted to focus on my life in the country and the wonderful, simple pleasures that go along with it. Little did I know that my life would become so busy that it would take me away from that focus. Having two teen aged girls has made my life wonderfully, hectic instead. When they were smaller it was easier to keep life simple. However, they are growing up and their activities are very important to them. Instead of quietly sitting in the sunroom watching the winter birds feasting at the feeders, I am spending more time on the road. We have been busy with many different activities such as....

...cheering Carson on as she records her first demo CD,

...hosting Christmas parties for a bunch of cool, young adults,

... and enjoying Catie's show choir performing their Christmas tunes.

All of these activities have been keeping us busy during this wonderful Christmas season, and my blog has taken a slight detour from its original purpose; however, I hope you all don't mind tagging along. I'm sure that before I know it my life will slow down enough to stop and watch the birds again, but I'm not quite sure that I am ready for that moment to arrive. For now, I am enjoying my beautifully, busy life! May you all find joy in your life in whatever stage you happen to be. To everything there is a season!


tina said...

I think your name perfect for what you post on your blog.

Rebecca said...

Sounds like "Beautifully, Busy Life" would be more suitable for the moment, but things change (as you've found out)! You'll probably always be a Southern Woman and it IS still your "diary"...

I'm sure you'll come up with an answer to your question--maybe on the road to one of activities you are enjoying :)

Sarah said...

I have thought of changing mine as well. Go for it. Sometimes it is fun to try something new.

Wanna do something zany and eternal this Christmas? Then, you are nvited you to a water buffalo party! No formal attire required, just stop by and splash along with us.


Be blessed bunches,

The Cottage Garden Farmer said...

I would keep the blog name that people have come to know if I were you, we all have changing lives, and no one expects you to stay the same forever.

Glenda said...

A diary records the ebbs and flows, the busy times and the quiet ones. I think your title fits perfectly! Christmas holidays just seem to get busy whether we want them to or not, but you are involved with family and friends and reaching out to others, so your time is well spent!

Will Carson's CD be available to purchase? I know she's excited about this "first"!

Southern Lady said...

Thanks, Ya'll! I guess you are all right... I am still a southern lady, and I still live in the country; and of course, this is a diary! Thanks for weighing in. Carla

From the Kitchen said...

Enjoy every minute and "moment" on the road with your dear girls. They grow up so fast and spread their wings so quickly that every moment needs to be savored--even when they both have something you need to attend at opposite ends of the city!! One of the best parts is when your child says "Mom, remember when....."


The White Farmhouse said...

I don't think that you should change a thing. Congrats to Carson! How exciting!

Allison said...

I love your name because it is a "diary" which makes me feel like I can peep into your world (like a backstage pass). Also... you are all things Southern, and a lady to be sure, and I think that sounds cozy and comfortable, like sweet tea in your adirondak chairs! So my personal vote would be... stay just the way you are. I wouldn't want a different Carla! But if you'd like to change and just need a little push, then I say "You go girl!!".

Ps... I agree with Glenda... when will Carson's CD be available to purchase?

Pam said...

I agree 100% with Allison. Your blog is perfect just as it is but if you feel the need for change follow your instincts, Carla.
I enjoy reading about your family and their escapades.


myletterstoemily said...

keep your same name! it's how we know you, and
it fits you. this season of craziness will pass before
you know it, and through it all, you are still a southern
lady who lives in the country.

congratulations on the cd release! how exciting!

Richella said...

No! Don't change your name! Okay, that's just my opinion, but it seems to me that your blog name is so right. I like the way it harks to the Edwardian diary. And it seems just perfect for you, even if right now you do more running than journaling! :)

Maryrose said...

I agree...you are chronicling your life and growing family. I for one enjoy reading it just as it is. (I am sure if you changed the name I would still enjoy :)) But I vote ...stay the same.

Denise said...

I like the sound of 'My Beautiful Busy Life' for a name change ;-) Whatever you decide I know all your bloggy friends will tag along for the ride (me included)
Have a wonderful weekend, and I just read the post above, I hope you get the chance to have a few quiet moments and just rest in His arms :)