Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving in the Country

Wow, what a weekend! I think I am going to need this whole week to get my house back in order. Does anyone else feel that way after Thanksgiving? Joking aside, I think this is one of my favorite holidays because it is centered around family and thankfulness. For Thanksgiving we have combination of relatives from mine and John's family. Many times we also have a few friends in the mix. Usually me or my mom cooks the turkey and dressing and everyone else brings a dish or two of their own. Would you believe that even though it is not coordinated, we have never had two people bring the same dish? This year my aunt brought the turkey and my mom made the dressing. (I didn't know what to do with myself.) I just love the casual atmosphere of our gathering. There is nothing like country living!

Thanksgiving in the country always includes...

...lots of family in the kitchen.

...plenty of food!

...a mandolin?

...a banjo?

...lots of beautiful music!

...cowgirl boots.

...and some very happy listeners.

And after the crowd leaves and the men head out to the deer stands, I spend a little time getting started on my Christmas decorating.

I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with as much love, food, and entertainment as mine. Now, lets all get ready for Christmas!


From the Kitchen said...

I think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! And, I have to say, I miss the days when my sisters and I watched the parade while our mother and grandmother prepared the feast--and cleaned up!


Andrea said...

Beautiful memories you are making!

myletterstoemily said...

your family could do a thanksgiving tv program with
the gaithers! looks like so much fun! ours was much
the same. at one point, a ALMOST yelled, "everybody
out of the kitchen!" but then realized it was really
making it so much more fun.

i do have my usual war wounds. one burn, three cuts.

your tree looks beautiful!

merry Christmas,

Allison said...

Such happy faces and a feeling of warmth and love here. Thanksgiving is indeed the most wonderful holiday...and I've decorated for Christmas already, too!

By the way, you have gorgeous wood floors! xoxo

Denise said...

Sounds like a wonderful time for you all :) My Christmas decor is all up and I'm catching up on housework too. Only another 3 weeks and we'll be off for school break Again! I can't wait ;)

Joan Elizabeth said...

Sounds like great fun. We gather in much smaller numbers. I was going put my tree up then remembered the chaos of the painter etc so its still in the box.

FlowerLady said...

It looks like you had a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving.

I haven't started decorating for Christmas, but seeing your tree and other blogs you have started is getting me into the mood.

Have a lovely Christmas season.


sweetbay said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Allison said...

Hi Carla! So glad you stopped by gallimaufry yesterday - I've missed you! I was about to write and ask if everything is ok, but I know you must be busy with holiday planning. Hugs from across the sea!

Ola said...

Nice that people share their cooking obligations:)