Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Proud Mama Moments

Those of you who have children know the feeling...the feeling that you get inside when your child does something special. That feeling that just grows and grows until you feel as though you are going to bust wide open. You know the one that I am talking about. Well, over the past few weeks I have had several of those moments.

My oldest daughter, Catie, received her first set of SAT scores. Wow!! She has worked so hard in her studies and is finally seeing the results of all of that hard work. I joked with her and said that she is definitely the perfect combination of me and her daddy....if you add both of our scores together, ours might be as good as hers. I am so proud of her accomplishments. Can you tell?

My youngest daughter, Carson, is the exact opposite of her sister. Although she is smart too, she only tolerates her lessons. She would much rather spend her time practicing her music. This weekend she was able to enjoy her moment to shine. She was invited to sing a thirty minute set of songs at our local fire department's annual BBQ.

Doesn't she look cute on stage?

I think one of the things that made the event so special was the support that her friends and family gave her....especially her big sister who was hiding behind the poster on the left. She got a group of friends together to make posters to support her little sister. Isn't that a moment that should make me proud?

Although Carson was battling a cold, nerves, and very cold temperatures, she performed like a star.

When she finished the set, I asked her if she was glad that it was over. She just grinned from ear to ear and said, "No, Mom, I'm ready to do it again."

I think what amazes me the most about my children is how incredibly unique they are. God has given them each very different personalities and talents. I pray every day that they will use these gifts to glorify Him. Although I am proud of their big accomplishments, it's the little things that make me swell with pride...the moments when I see them show the love of God to each other and those around them. Isn't that what really matters in the long run?

Feel free to hop on over to this proud mama's youtube channel to see some of the show!


Denise said...

Amazing moments, I know you're proud. Have a wonderful day :)
Hugs Denise

Ginny said...

Oh, I so agree, it's the little things that make my heart swell! Is the Ansonville of the Ansonville BBQ the Ansonville near Polkton, Peachland, etc. in Anson County? My husband grew up in Peachland.

Pam said...

and yet another star is born.. how utterly delightful your two daughters are, Carla. Supporting each other, true Friends for life. Life is good!
Last night we attended a ceremony at my granddaughters Christian school. She was inducted into their Music Honor Society.. we were so proud of her.


Glenda said...

Children are such gifts from God, and it's so amazing to see Him at work in their lives! You certainly have reason to be proud of your beautiful, talented daughters. Who knows what great plans God has for them? And you and your husband are to be commended, too, for leading them in the right direction! God bless you all!

My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

Proud you should be! Your daughters are beautiful young women.


Bella Michelle said...

Wonderful!!! It sounds as if you have two very talented girls. Good job!

From the Kitchen said...

Congratulations to both of the girls for their uniqueness and accomplishments. One can always tell when children are brought up with loving concern and are cherished!


Allison said...

A beautiful girl, Carla, and such a moment! I say hats off to you, the mama who is so proud of her children... a mother's love and pride is worth so much; it will get them through many a hard time in years to come. This post was wonderful and it warmed my heart.

Joan Elizabeth said...

This post has proud mum written all over it. Every kid needs one of those. Your daughters are fortunate and is shows in their accomplishments.

Cindy said...

The feeling you get from the pride that your children bring is PRICELESS! Those are moments in time that last forever!!

tina said...

She is cute! Too bad you didn't live closer my son's band is looking for a good vocalist! Congrats to Catie on her excellent SAT results!

myletterstoemily said...

i went to the youtube site and thoroughly enjoyed
carson's song. she has a lovely voice with lots of
great resonance and pitch.

did she write that? she's just adorable, and i know
how proud you must be.

way to go, carson!!!!

Pam said...

In the blink of an eye they grow up when you aren't looking, don't they Carla.
She has so much talent, its a beautiful thing to see and hear her singing like an angel.

Donna said...

Yeah, Carson and Catie!!! You have every right to be proud, Carla! I have two girls, too, both different as night and day! My mom used to say you could have 10 kids and they would all be different! Loved the whoops and hollers when she finished singing - great job!... Donna

*Ulrike* said...

Such a proud day for you! They grow up so fast, and who knows she may be a star one day!