Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Findings

The colors of fall are amazing. I just love how the reds and greens are made even more beautiful when situated beside the color of brown. These are some photos that were taken just a few steps from my home.

Isn't this just the prettiest shade of red?

One lonely acorn fell into the dry bird bath.

Green or red? This plant can't seem to decide.

Little splotches of green brighten up the landscape.

All acorns are invited to the party going on beside the sidewalk!!!

The ground is covered with lots of acorns, big and small, this year. I hear the familiar drop and roll sound on the roof day and night. Does that mean we are in for a rough winter?


Pam said...

Carla, your beautiful fall pictures take me back to my childhood. I had a collection of acorns that I kept in my draw until my mother discovered little white worms eating them, needless to say they were quickly thrown away... lessen learned!

Randy Emmitt said...


Duke Gardens is on Andersen St right behind the campus. You have to pay for parking but it is worth it. Hope you find it and have fun.

Your acorns are not that bad last year we raked up by now 20 gallons of them on the deck alone.

Allison said...

Love the color! Acorns are so pretty to decorate with, too. I'm very unfamiliar with how the winter winds blow in the South, and I'll be interested to see how the season develops through your blog!

Is there anything useful you can do with acorns, Carla? Or do you just throw them out?

Joan Elizabeth said...

I love those autumn colours .. thanks for sharing.

*Ulrike* said...

Your pictures definitely tell us fall is on its way. The deep red is just so pretty, I think that fall is my favorite time of the year. Smelling the wood smoke, crispness in the air, apples, and by the way do you have deer? They would certainly take care of the acorns!

sweetbay said...

I saw your comment on Randy's blog -- Duke Gardens are definitely worth seeing! I hope you get a chance to go there.

Cindy said...

I just love the picture and quote you have for all of the acorns that have made it to the edge of the sidewalk! Too cute!!

Kathy and Robert said...

You certainly found a beautiful shade of red. God's paintbrush at it again! Blessings, K

myletterstoemily said...

oh, i don't know. does it? last fall, we noticed
a lof of fuzzy caterpillars, and someone said
that meant a hard winter. like the rest of hte
country, we did have a hard winter.

your photos are beautiful!

Glenda said...

Beautiful colors! My grandchildren, when they were younger, loved to look for the big acorns. We made acorn people with them - and good memories!

Have a great fall week ahead!

Katarina said...

Our garden is also covered in acorns - plenty more than last year.
Fall is a beautiful season!

Mary said...

Oh no, after reading Ulrike's (whom I so enjoyed meeting at the Asheville blogger party, her charming DH too) comment, and learning that I now need deer in the garden, I'm shuddering!! They are about the only wildlife we don't have and have been happy about when it comes to destroying plants life............BUT after sweeping and loading up what has to be 50 million acorns this autumn perhaps I can borrow some for a little while, LOL!!!

Yes, means a rough Winter perhaps - right now though it's so gorgeous - heading outside to do a little garden work this morning, IF if can wade through those ankle deep acorns! Imagine if they all had the chance to become oak trees, whew!!

Hugs - Mary

From the Kitchen said...

Isn't God, the artist, amazing?!! The colors of fall are always so very welcome to me and I saw such beauty in my trip. To backtrack, I love the little church in your previous post. I think it would be lovely to worship in just such a place--and so very personal.


tina said...

I don't think the acorns mean it is going to be a bad winter-just that this year and last were good years for the oaks. There are definitely tons here but I'm not complaining-yet. Next spring when the acorns all sprout I'll not be so happy. I like the comment on the deer taking care of them. They sure love the nuts! Beautiful red!