Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Dream

I have always wondered what it would be like to own my own Bed-And-Breakfast. Recently, this beautiful old house went on the market. It is very close to mine. In fact, I could walk to it through the woods behind my house. It is one of the oldest houses in our area.

Wouldn't it make a wonderful little B&B?

Aren't the front windows gorgeous?

If money were no object I would buy it and make my dream of owning my own B&B a reality. Could you imagine spending some time at a lovely old home in the country? What if I told you it was haunted?


Denise said...

I wouldn't stay there if I was told it was haunted, LOL, I'm too much of a wuss! But it does look sweet.

tina said...

It is beautiful and I can dream this dream too. A nice one indeed.

Glenda said...

It's beautiful!! If those walls could talk . . . It's full of promise, too! I don't think the haunted part would bother me!!

Paula said...

Is that building a former schoolhouse? It sure looks like one!

My friends run a B&B in Maine and it is HARD work. I like staying in a B&B but I wouldn't want to be in charge of one.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Oh yes this would make a perfect B&B ... I adore your old homes. As for it being haunted I would not believe you or care anyway ... all old houses have a history.

Rebecca said...

I've always dreamed of hosting a B&B, too! But as Paula said, it IS hard work. My husband was the director of a camp for 6 years and I got my taste of the 24/7 commitment required to host guests, keep quarters clean, prepare food, etc.

Even with knowledge of the work involved, if $$ were available, I'd STILL like to host a B&B1 (It is NOT a huge money-maker, I'm told.)

myletterstoemily said...

it would make a lovely b & b, and i would
happily stay along with any of the previous
owners. :)

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

If I had the resources I would make it into a BB. It is so BEAUTIFUL!!! Still to this day I have not stayed in a BB.

Allison said...

Oh yes, I like the haunted part! I'd come for sure, and I have a friend who would think that was grand! You could have creepy poetry readings by candlelight in the parlor... I'd come! :)

Cindy said...

Hi Carla!

OMG - I absolutely LOVE the front windows! How gorgeous would that be?
I would definitely stay there! Haunted or not!


Anonymous said...

Oh - the entry is gorgeous!!! Haunted? Well, why not? We could have high tea together! :)
Happy day to you, Carla!

Southern Fried Gal said...

Perfect for a B&B! You would probably draw even more visitors if it was haunted. It makes it more intriguing!

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Carla, the house is gorgeous! If you need a house in Arizona, let me know. We have my mother-in-law house for sale there. It's not haunted although!
Thank you for your comments on my blog. I'm always glad to see your name.

Allison said...

Hello Carla!

What a treat to wake up and see you'd been to gallimaufry! I was wondering the other day how to find other women like me who have blogs... and I happened upon yours! I love learning something about the South from a native; your blog is simply homey. Thanks for sharing a bit of your days with us!

I joined your blog the other day, too, and I'm glad you're following!

Have a great day! Allison

From the Kitchen said...

Haunted? Sign me up! We used to live in Charleston, S.C. where every "respectable" house had a resident ghost. "Your" (?) house looks as if it might have been a school at one time. I think it would be great fun to own a bed and breakfast. Each time we've stayed at one, we've become friends with the owners/hosts and felt like we were treasured guests instead of just tourists. If you buy it, they will come.


Richella said...

Carla, that's beautiful! Can you really walk through the woods from your place to this?

I can imagine you owning a B&B. You're so warm and friendly; I'll bet you'd make a great host!

Pam said...

Sign me up too! There's nothing I would enjoy more than sharing a room with a ghost.
What a beautiful dream you have, never give up dreaming it :)

Debbie Smith said...

I've always wanted to own and run my own B&B too, and what a great old building you've found here to make into the perfect B & B!
It looks like it was maybe an old school house?
Keep the dream alive!
Stopped by your blog and I really like your stories and pictures!
Looking forward to following you and see what dreams become realities!
Have a fabulous day!