Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow in the South

Why is it that we southerners flock to the store when the weatherman is calling for winter precipitation? Yes, I am guilty of it too. I just left Walmart and every lane was full of people buying bread and milk. In fact, I predict that the bread and milk isles will be empty by sometime this afternoon. I know people from other parts of the country think we are crazy down here, but seriously, we just don't have experience with driving in the snow like some people do. It's not like we get snow very often. We are lucky to see even one snow a winter.

I personally do not pay much attention to what the local forecast is calling for, I just watch the birds at the feeders. It always amazes me to see how much one can learn from God's creatures. It is like they have some inside information on the weather and other natural phenomenons. I have heard of pets that get up and leave the room right before an earthquake hits, or warn their owners of a coming tornado, or other impending disasters. If only we could tap into whatever senses they use , I'm sure we could be more prepared. I guess for now I just have to depend on the local weatherman and the birds at the feeder to help me decide how prepared I need to be. By the look of the frenzy of feeding birds, I'm glad I went to Walmart to buy bread and milk. Oh well, even if it doesn't snow, we've still gotta eat!!

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