Thursday, August 23, 2012

Carson's New Blog!

Wow! I have
noticed that I am doing good to get one post a month published lately. With Carson's busy music schedule this summmer we have not had much down time. Hopefully, with Catie back at Chapel Hill and Carson starting school, I will have a little more time to connect with you all again. I also hope to get back into my garden and landscape and start some fall projects that I will be sharing with you.I do have a little favor to ask of you all. Carson is starting a blog to talk about the journey that she is on with her music. She will be posting about special things that are happening with her like studio time, radio interviews, performances, and the ups and downs of trying to have a career in music. She really needs some followers to encourage her in this journey. Would you be kind enough to check it out and follow her if you are interested? I know a lot of my followers are gardeners and foodies and such, but she would love to have you. If you know of any young people who are interested in a blog of this nature, would you please tell them about her! Thanks so much! Carson's Music Blog

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Paula said...

I'm off to check out her blog!

Hope you are back soon!