Thursday, February 9, 2012

Winter Pick-Me-Ups

Nothing beats the winter blues as much as flowers. Have you ever noticed how a simple vase of flowers can brighten any room? I am so thankful that there are blooms that emerge in late winter to remind us that spring is coming.

The winter daphne not only looks beautiful this time of year...its scent is heavenly. My husband described it perfectly the other day. He said that it smelled like Fruit Loops. I have to agree. The sweet scent of this shrub does remind me of the many bowls of Fruit Loops that I ate as a child. I get to enjoy this scent everytime I walk into my front yard. It is planted right beside the front porch steps for visitors to enjoy as they pass by. I also cut some of these and bring them in for their beauty and lovely scent.

My hellebores are beautiful outside against the dull winter landscape, as well as, grouped together in a vase to brighten any room in the house.

Their blooms will not last quite as long as some cut flowers, but for several days one can enjoy their beauty.

I am so thankful for these little winter pick-me-ups. What are some of the pick-me-ups that you enjoy during the winter months?


From the Kitchen said...

Alas, we live in a climate that doesn't afford outside flowers in the winter (having moved here from Charleston, S.C., it was quite a shock). I do treat us to a grocery store bouquet most every week. It makes me smile!


Tammy@Simple Southern Happiness said...

This is where I wish we could smell what we are seeing on the computer. I have never heard of this shrub. Makes me want to hit the garden centers and check it out.

You are so correct, we need flowes and sunshine in these winter months, it helps to lift the mood.

Glenda said...

My winter pick-me-ups are watching birds from my windows, good books - and more recently spring peeking through. Your blooms are so pretty and cheerful!

Thank you for your kind words. My posts are usually made up of truths God is teaching me - encouragement to myself! I'm so thankful they lift you up, too! Hope you have a blessed week!

c. Joy said...

I think I have the same hellebores plant that you have. It looks almost ready to bloom - I think last year's drought may have stunted it a bit. I've also heard it called "Lenten Rose." The Winter Daphne I've never heard of - but if it really has the fragrance of Fruit Loops I'll have to look for it. Your post is beautiful today.

*Ulrike* said...

I love having flowers in the house, and if they are not growing outside then I need to buy a few! Your hellebores are beautiful. I have two plants that have come up this year, and I believe I bought three last year. I have one that is a white color too. Are they not gorgeous? The weather really has been wacko hasn't it? We are suppose to get really cold this weekend after having 70 temp days. Crazy. Now, I must move on, enjoyed stopping by for a visit!
Take Care,

sweetbay said...

Your Daphne and hellebores are beautiful! Winter pick-me-ups here: sunny days, Winter Honeysuckle, Witch Hazel, and Japanese Apricot. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. :)

Joan Elizabeth said...

I used to have a daphne beside my front door too but it turned up its does for some unknown reason after growing well for about 5 years. The fragrance is divine and I do love hellebores ... lovely to see them at your place this day.

tina said...

Oh man I SO wish I could smell that daphne! It's a beauty!!! What is your secret to growing it? I've not tried them here but have heard they can be most picky.

Pam said...

There is nothing lovelier than beautiful flowers for the winter blues.

French said...

flowers...any time of year! I don't think we can grow hellebores here, but I love them~