Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Simple Pleasures of Summer!

It's summertime! And I don't know about you, but I just love the lazy days of summer and all of the simple pleasures that come with those days. Simple pleasures like...

...fresh blackberries

...homemade cobbler

...homegrown tomatoes

...with fresh green basil

...taking a plunge in cool water

...beautiful hydrangeas

...boardwalks and beaches

...breathtaking reflections

...and summer sunsets

What simple pleasures do you enjoy during the lazy days of summer?


tina said...

I enjoy all of the same. What a lovely summer you all must be having!

Comeca Jones said...

Fresh tomatoes and basil and blue hydrangeas.Thanks for making me smile!

Allison said...

Wow, what a beautiful place you live, Carla. I'd love to live where there are boardwalks to the sea! Lovely photographs, all of them. Bon app├ętit!

Paula said...

I enjoy the same pleasures as you. I also love to sit out in the evening and watch the fireflies dance across the yard. Feeling the sun beat down on my back as I run, garden, play tennis, or best of all sit on the boat is another pleasure.

Glad to see you back!

Masha said...

You are right, so many things to enjoy! You have such bounty in the garden it is amazing... I love the picture of the sky reflecting in the lake - such soft, beautiful colors.

You asked me which roses would be good for you. It is hard for me to say because I live in such a different climate - dry and without winter chill - that roses that do well for me would do badly for you and vice versa. But do you know sweetbay? She is in NC too and grows quite a few roses, such as rugosas (Foxi Pavement and Hansa), species (R. palustris, R. carolina), and noisettes (Crepuscule), and probably many more. I think she can give you much better rose recommendations :).

Randy said...

Carla with all the craziness that has been my life lately I forgot all about blackberry season! I was going to make jelly. Of course with so little rain I'm sure the wild berries weren't very good this year.

myletterstoemily said...

hi carla!

i can see you are at your beloved beach,
and here i am in my much loved

life is good, and so is He!


Glenda said...

Love this post! Your choice of pleasures really express your love of country living and God's creations!

I've enjoyed tomatoes from the garden - especially in a BLT sandwich . . . and squash casserole . . . and a good watermelon this weekend (not from our garden). We've so enjoyed watching our grandchildren play and listening to their laughter and conversations with each other. And now I'm enjoying the quietness and stillness that always follow their visit! I always enjoy the sunsets!

Your photos are so good!

Hope you have a great week full of many more simple pleasures!

sweetbay said...

Love the reflection of the clouds in the water! I haven't been to the beach yet this year, although DH is at the beach the latter part of this week, at a conference..

Summer is a great time ~ just wish it wasn't so hot! lol

From the Kitchen said...

Beautiful! Still waiting for fruits and vegetables (it's 60 degrees here this morning) but our flowers are showing up in a most cheerful way.


Joan Elizabeth said...

But how many scratches did you have to endure to get that many blackberries?

Mary said...

Hi Carla - have missed visiting but, like you, life has been busy and these hot days have really slowed me down! Since returning from England I don't think there's been a day where it hasn't reached at least 90 - and I'm definitely not a hot weather gal!

Yes, Oak Island is a lovely spot - know you are enjoying your time at the coast.

Looking back, loved the photos of your sweet Carson - did you take those? They're fabulous and I know it will be hard picking favorites.

............and a belated Happy Birthday to lovely Catie.
You have such beautiful girls.

Have a great 4th - and stay cool!!!
Hugs - Mary

Pam said...

Aw, sweet summer time when the living is slow and easy.. What could be better than enjoying lives simple pleasures.. I do too, Carla.


Richella said...

I love these photos, Carla! And I appreciate the reminder to embrace the simple pleasures. I get so cross and cranky in the heat that sometimes I forget to be thankful for the bounty of summer.

(By the way, a post like this would be awesome for my new linky party, Grace Imparted--these summer pleasures are great examples of the graces God bestows upon us in summertime! I would so love for you to participate if you'd like to do so.)

Preston goes to Carolina orientation on Monday and Tuesday. Has Catie already gone? I can't believe how fast the summer is flying by!

Dawn said...

i would take each of these pleasures and hold them close to my heart!! the beauty by God's hand always has me exclaiming- i think my husband must get sick of it sometimes :)