Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dog Days

Do you ever have days when you feel tired and uninspired? Well, I have been having quite a few of them lately. It has been such a long, hot summer that my energy seems to have been zapped right out of me. I don't ever remember a summer quite like this one. Our hottest days actually started in early June, a month that is usually mild here in North Carolina. My garden didn't know how to respond to the early heat and dry weather. Pretty much all I have growing right now is tomatoes and basil.

Even the animals are getting tired of this heat. Our horses, goats, dogs, and cats seem to only want to find a cool spot to rest.

Freckles, our oldest and wisest dog, did manage to gather up the strength to try to catch a fly that buzzed around his head pestering him to death.

It was quite a funny sight.

If one didn't know better, he might think the dog was insane.

At times he even looked a little rabid. Good thing he has had all of his shots.

Eventually, he gave in to the heat and the fly and called it a day.

"It's too hot out here to even care," said Freckles.
"I know exactly what you mean, little buddy," said I.


Joan Elizabeth said...

Hot weather can be so draining. Since our last summer was terribly cold I have to try hard to remember what it's like.

Roses and Lilacs said...

I feel the same way. Have to force myself to go out and get some necessary stuff done but it sure isn't enjoyable like it is in May or early June.

Jennifer said...

what a cute post...my dog does that too and I always get a kick out of watching her.
I'm in NC too just over the Charlotte line. I grew up here and love it.
The heat this summer has been just awful...so ready for cooler fall days.

myletterstoemily said...

oh, i know it exactly how you feel. the heat
index is supposed to be near 113 today.


tina said...

Days so hot and humid sometimes makes one want to be a dog for sure. Ah, just to laze around all day and catch flies~!

Glenda said...

I can so identify with your feelings; I, too, am drained during this extreme heat. But "this too shall pass"! We can look forward to fall and cool weather.

Kim and Victoria said...

We seemed to go from spring to summer all in one month. It's been crazy. Our chickens walk around with their mouths open, showing how hot they are.

Mary said...

Carla, I'm with Freckles, it's time to give up fighting this heat - just lie still and direct that fan or the a/c in my direction please! Next few days will be even worse, heat index as high as 110, phew that's scorching!

Like you, tomatoes seem OK, basil keeps going but pots need water every day. Today Jasmin and I made tomato soup, tomato and pasta salad, and baked penne and cheese with tomatoes......we ended up tomatoed out!!!!!

Stay cool somehow dear - thanks for all your recent comments - I always love hearing from you.

From the Kitchen said...

Our Oliver certainly agrees with Freckles! Even after an early morning walk, he comes in and throws himself to the floor in front of an air conditioning vent, stretches and rolls over on his back. Truthfully, if it wasn't for the thought of someone finding me, I'd like to do the same!